Perspective, Light and Shadows, Composition, Conceptualizing, Matte Painting, Design, Anatomy, Architecture

The Beast (Fan art) The Owlman (Personal Illustration) Ashe vs Baron Nashor (Fan art) Monster in the Mist (Personal Illustration) Gnomish Curse Stealer (Blizzard Art Contest) Link vs Giant Scorpion (Fan art) Diablo III Crusader (Blizzard Art Contest) Love Stones (Client work "Trilane") Spacewalk (Personal Illustration) Wandering in the Night (Personal Illustration) Elite Stealth Ranger (Personal Illustration) Water Elemental (Personal concept) Abandoned hallway (Personal concept) Snow Forest (Client work "Trisaga Wars")

Concept Art / Sketches:

50 min Speed sketch Theme"Two White Dragons" 30 min Speed sketch Theme"Riding along the shore" 30 min Speed sketch Theme"Rise From The Ashes And Dust Fighter" 30 min Speed sketch Theme"The lost children" 30 min Speed sketch Theme"Broken spire" 30 min Speed sketch Theme"Fantasy Flight School" 30 min Speed sketch Theme"Human Chimera" 30 min Speed sketch Theme"Lethal Circus" Rodent Samurai2 Caught Spy (50 minutes sketch) Quick soldiers concept (Personal concept) Fire Rhino (Personal concept) Shark (Personal concept) Scatterbrain (Personal concept) ThreeBlackAndWhiteSketchesNr1 ThreeBlackAndWhiteSketchesNr2 Boneyard (Personal concept) Mobile game art test "Orc catapult"

Line Art:
Yeti Skateboard Design Gangster Edition The FrostFire battlemage (Personal concept)

Game Art:
UI Historical theme (Personal Art)    "Dead Nights" All Assets (Personal game project)