Game Dev


Game Engines:
Unity, Diesel


Monster Stacking Challenge:

Monster stacking challenge is a strategic puzzle game where you try to stack as much boxes on top of each other as you can without them falling off your tower of boxes.

  • Facebook integration so you can share your score, invite friends and a leader board of 30 of your highest scoring friends.
  • Endless game play / replay ability
  • Over 20 box skins
  • Coins to buy skins
  • Freezing ability every 10 score so you can freeze one box at a time to make it easier to build the tower.

Contribution: Everything.
Supported on: IOS, Android.
Created in Unity 5.


Dead Nights (Demo):

Dead Nights2 Dead Nights3 Dead Nights1

Dead Nights is a game I created in Rpg Maker VX, which means I created the art, game play and story. I took advantage of premade scripts and functions that the engine could offer.  It is a story game where you need to find out what happened to Paul and escape your current hiding place.

Contribution: Art, Game play design and Story.
Supported on: PC.
Created in Rpg Maker VX.